Wednesday, April 20, 2016

To the Patriot Guard Riders

I've watched videos of what you all do and they often bring a tear to my eye showing such love and respect for our fallen heroes and their families in their darkest hour.

In our eyes nothing is more awe inspiring than seeing a mile long column of bikes speckled with old glory escorting one of America's heroes to their final resting place.

We appreciate what you do and the class and honor with which you do it. Thank you for showing our military men and women the respect they deserve.

Please watch the video to above and if you'd like to join the Patriot Guard Riders or help to support them by buying merchandise you can do so by visiting

Monday, April 18, 2016

BMR 2016 Tucker County WV

Every year bikers descend on Tucker County WV for a little hillbilly fun in the country provided by "Panhead" Frank Dotson & Cycle Source Magazine.

I speak of course of the Big Mountain Run a kick ass get together pitting bikers against each other in some extremely fun yet not so usual ways.

Still don't know what I'm talking about? Watch the video to learn more or click that little link up above, buy tickets, and find out what we mean you won't regret it.

A little music to set the mood.